Who we are

We are an operations & strategy consulting company, helping clients achieve their profitable growth goals.

Guided by the overarching principle of “No-Nonsense Consulting for Business Performance” our services are characterized by “CLARITY” on every aspect of our engagement. Anchored in pragmatism required by current turbulent times, we are able to serve “clients as partners” engagement model, which focus on meaningful relationships and helping clients build their internal capability for business improvement.

We are able to deliver high value to our clients on tight timelines, with our core team of engagement managers and delivery consultants, augmented by our established network of independent delivery consultants.

Clariem’s hands-on engagement managers are the linchpin for smooth client experience throughout the engagement. While they bring Clariem approach and provide required tools, templates and methods, along with day to day project management, we are not hesitant to leverage experienced independent partners for specific expertise. We believe this blended consulting approach is need for the hours and provides best value to our clients.

As you click through our website pages, you’ll only get a taste of our thought process and capabilities. To explore, how we can add value in your business, please drop us a note at info@clariem.com and we’ll get back to you fast!

Why Us

  • Value Driven: Anchored in our theme of CLARITY on every aspect of engagement; clients can expect our team to do “whatever it takes” to deliver the promised value
  • Service-Focused: We understand business norm of  – the ambiguity, the unknowns and the unexpected changes. Expect our team to be “Easy to work with” and access to our SMEs for continuing support.
  • Experience: Our unique and transparent business model allows us to put together the best possible team for our clients’ specific context
  • Tools & Methods: Expect the fastest time-to-value deliver with our robust toolkits and delivery methodologies, and continuity of engagement lead from start-to-finish.

About Founders


Alex Swift

co-founder, programmer

Email: hello@dream-theme.com
Skype: DreamTheme

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Tiffany Swift

co-founder, designer

Email: hello@dream-theme.com
Skype: DreamTheme

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Benefits Of Working With Us

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