A corporate focus on continuous learning is important for two key reasons: It enables employees to regularly gain new skills and expertise to better adapt to change, and it keeps employees engaged and committed. 

Achieving high-priority business goals nowadays involves embracing complex and high-velocity change. Clariem’s learning workshops are designed to help clients enable high-performance teams in uncertain times.  

Whether you are setting out on a new initiative and need a jumpstart for the project team, or you require a scheduled program of professional-development sessions for employees on different teams, we can facilitate the customized learning opportunities you need. 


Key Features of Our Workshops 

  • We understand that corporate training and education are undertaken to realize specific business outcomes, and we stay focused on them. 
  • We know many people learn by doing. We provide “see and do,” rather than “tell and talk, training. 
  • We believe people learn from each other. We facilitate co-learning among colleagues and experts. 
  • We keep the learning experience relevant to client teams by working closely with the coordinator and the sponsor. 
  • We provide the frameworks and baseline toolkit for each workshop, along with guidance for the refinement of learners personal toolkits. 


Our Learning Approach 

 LISTEN: Learner can replay the trainer’s intent and know-how, without distortion  

 REFLECT: Learner has identified the best use of knowledge in their context  

OWN: Learner has internalized the knowledge with the thoughtful application at measurable levels of performance 


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