Strategy Execution and Transformation

Strategy can be quite simple or overwhelmingly complex. We vote for simplicity and strive to deliver what Einstein said: “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” In this spirit, we focus on what’s most important to our clients’ success.

Our “Strategy Execution and Transformation” offerings accelerate and tighten the strategic planning process and ensure the continuous translation of strategy into execution. We do this by utilizing our proven knowledge assets, including industry trends, a leading-practices library, assessment questionnaires, time-tested approaches to facilitating strategy-focused workshops, and a toolkit to track strategy execution.

Offerings include:

  1. Strategy validation and cascading
  2. Strategy execution with OKRs
  3. Operating model and operational excellence
  4. Agile PMO and project delivery oversight
  5. Performance monitoring and sustainability

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Talent and Organization

In the remote working paradigm, with high-speed market changes, it imperative to pay extra attention to building the cohesive teams to win. While efficiencies of remote work are well known, the collaboration and innovation challenges are tripping many leaders.

Our talent and organization offerings are designed to see clients achieve the value they expect from their project investments. We take a holistic approach to value realization and deliver customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Those solutions might include a talent-development program with a career-progression framework, a center of excellence, capability-maturity monitoring or training services to enable value delivery on an ongoing basis.

Offerings include:

  1. Pyramid of alignment (org design and collaboration model)
  2. Change enablement
  3. Learning and talent development
  4. Executive impact and peer-coaching
  5. Org health watch

We offer a broad range of Learning Workshops for the professional development of client teams and help them jumpstart specific initiatives.

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Supply Chain Planning and Analytics

Our supply chain planning and analytics offerings take the end-to-end (E2E) integrated planning view and deliver value by improving the supply chain planning (demand, supply, inventory, network, order fulfilment) and product management capabilities to enable robust decision-making across the organization.

Despite its long history, the vision of a mature S&OP/IBP capability is still unrealized for most companies across industries. The market uncertainty, exasperated by the pandemic has made the improvement journey even tougher. We bring together the specialized tools and methods and help clients solved transformation their supply chain capability as well as address specific challenges.

Offerings include:

  1. Operations strategy and portfolio rationalization
  2. End-to-end planning transformation
  3. Product launch and lifecycle excellence
  4. Supply chain analytics
  5. Supply chain technology selection and user adoption

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